Covid-19 Vaccination Information

We are taking lots of calls at the moment from patients about the Covid-19 vaccination, eligibility and when patients can expect to be vaccinated. We completely understand that patients are keen to get their vaccinations but would like to reiterate that we will text or telephone patients when we are able to book them in for a vaccination.

We have to invite patients in order of priority group as detailed by the government, and as vaccine supply allows: 

We are aware there are some spam texts about booking Covid-19 vaccinations so please take care but texts from the practice will never ask for your bank or card details, ask for passwords or ask for ID to be sent .

Texts from the practice are sent via AccuRx, have the practice name on and have a link which will then offer appointments at the North Cotswold Hospital and will only ask patients to confirm their date of birth . It will then show appointment slots to choose from. If you are in any doubt you can call the practice.

We would also like to mention that contrary to any reports in the media there is no vaccine being wasted in the local clinics at all so please do not contact the practice to ask if you can be placed on a “short notice” list. Patients will only be invited when we get to their priority group and we will call or text you.

If you have had your first vaccination we will contact you to arrange a date for the second appointment when we have details of the arrangements , and this will be up to 12 weeks after the first vaccination.