Utilities Scheme for Vulnerable People

Extra help for the vulnerable in an emergency

Did you know that a simple registration process will ensure that those who need it can get special support from the major utilities companies when things go wrong? Help spread the word amongst our residents and your family and friends.

Electricity at the flick of a switch, water at the twist of a tap and gas the moment we need it – we’re just so accustomed to these services that it’s possible we’ve never considered what we would do if something happened to interrupt the supply of such important resources. And what of those in our communities who are less able to manage without heat and water, for example? A power cut or loss of water supply could cause serious problems for them.

If you know someone who would be at risk in some way in the event of this kind of emergency, why not encourage them to sign up to the priority services register? All water and power companies run such a register and it ensures that anyone listed is given special consideration and help in the event of an interruption in service.

To find out more, please see the websites of the main providers in our area: