Important Notice For Patients

We are having to take sensible precautions to ensure the safety of patients and staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Can we ask all patients to heed the government advice and not come to the surgery if you have a continuous cough or temperature/fever or have had contact with someone who has.

We are also trying to minimise the number of people coming into the building so please telephone first.

If you need to see a doctor please telephone the practice on 01608 650764 and the doctor will call you back, please be assured that we are trying make sure those patients who need treatment are prioritised. We are also trying to restrict non- essential footfall to the practice so please telephone or email the practice if possible.

We are currently not accepting paper prescription requests so please telephone or order online your repeat prescription requests. We are also may need to amend the way we ask patients to collect their medication so will let all patients know if this needs to change.

We are also recommending that patients who have mobiles download the “Whereby Video Meetings App” which can enable the doctors to do patient consultations via video if necessary.

We are doing our very best to help and support patients at this difficult time and want to say thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to work hard to protect vulnerable patients and staff.