Patient Notice – Appointment Alternatives

Dear Patients

As you know, this time of year is particularly busy – there are lots of the usual Winter ailments to deal with; coughs, colds, sore throats etc. Whilst we will always see patients who are experiencing acute illness, as well as our chronically unwell patients, we would like to ask that you consider alternative pathways to deal with your illness over the next few months. As you will know, Dr Eyers has left us to start her maternity leave. The effect of this is that we have lost some capacity for the time being until our new Doctor joins us in February. This, coupled with increasing demands on our available appointments, means that appointments are scarce at the moment. The Mann Cottage team are, as always, working very hard to ensure the continuity of your care.

Our Reception team are now fully trained to give Care Navigation advice to patients to direct them to the right service, at the right time and in the right place to ensure you get the care you need. Please do take their advice – we as GPs endorse this. You may also be offered an appointment with another GP at another Surgery in the locality – this is an extra service giving us a little more capacity so patients can be seen if needed.

You can get lots of information from the NHS 111 website, or you can call them. Please also sign up for the NHS App so you can check your symptoms and get advice on the best course of treatment. The Minor Injuries and Illness Unit at the North Cotswolds Hospital is open all day, so please also bear this in mind as they offer an excellent service and our Reception team may be directing you to see them. If you are unsure, do contact our Reception team about the services of the MIIU.

We are of course always here to help you but please do consider alternatives if at all possible. Thank you for your support during these difficult times in General Practice.

Dr Hywel Furn Davies & Dr Cathy Bobrow