Campaign video to end Abuse in GP Practices

All the practice staff here at Mann Cottage are doing all they can to help patients and make sure everyone can access the best care possible. Demand is currently very high and we are doing our very best to deal with patient’s needs and we are sorry if this means you may have a longer wait for an appointment at the moment.

Whilst we ask patients to telephone first to enable the doctors to prioritise care we have always tried to ensure that patients who need to see or speak to a doctor or nurse are offered the soonest and most appropriate appointment whether it be by telephone, video or face to face consultation and have done so throughout the pandemic.

When practice staff ask if you can provide the reason for your call it is so that you can be offered the most appropriate appointment at the earliest opportunity, it is very helpful for the doctor but it is absolutely fine if you do not wish to share the details with them.

We appreciate it is frustrating that systems have changed and accessing services can seem more complicated sometimes, it is difficult for us to work this way too, however we regret to say that we have had some instances of people being rude and sometimes verbally aggressive to practice staff. This unfortunately seems to be an increasing concern, we would like to share this video to support a recently launched national campaign which highlights this subject.

By far the vast majority of our patients have been incredibly supportive so thank you so much for bearing with us while we continue to make changes to keep the surgery Covid safe for all our patients and staff and make progress towards a more “normal” way of working.

Dr Hywel Furn Davies and Dr Cathy Bobrow