Patient Data Protection

Confidentiality in our surgery is maintained at all times and patient information is only accessed by health professionals. Other bodies eg: insurance companies/solicitors must provide a patient disclaimer (signed by the patient) for release of medical records.

Read more about how the Practice processes your personal information.

Data Protection

We need to hold personal information about you on our Computer system and in paper records to help us to look after your health needs.

Please help to keep your record up to date by informing us of any changes to your circumstances.

Doctors and staff in the practice have access to your medical records to enable them to do their jobs. Your doctor is responsible for their accuracy and safe-keeping.

From time to time, it may be necessary to share information with others involved in your care. Anyone with access to your record is properly trained in confidentiality issues and is governed by both a legal and contractual duty to keep your details private.

All information about you is held securely and appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent accidental loss.

In some circumstances we may be required by law to release your details to statutory or other official bodies, for example if a court order is presented, or in the case of public health issues. In other circumstances you may be required to give written consent before information is released – such as for medical reports for insurance, solicitors etc.

To ensure your privacy, we will not disclose information over the telephone or fax unless we are sure that we are talking to you.

Information will not be disclosed to family, friends, or spouses unless we have prior written consent, and we do not leave messages with others.

You have a right to see your records if you wish. Please ask at reception if you would like further details and our patient information leaflet. An appointment will be required. In some circumstances a fee may be payable.


This practice is supporting vital coronavirus (COVID-19) planning and research by sharing your data with NHS Digital. For more information about this see the General Practice Transparency Notice for GPES Data for Pandemic Planning and Research (COVID-19).

General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR)


Patients personal confidential data will be extracted and shared with NHS Digital in order to support vital health and care planning and research. Further information can be found Patients may opt out of having their information shared for Planning or Research by applying a National Data Opt-Out or a Type 1 Opt-Out (see above).

Legal Basis

The legal basis for this activity can be found at: General Practice Data for Planning and Research: NHS Digital Transparency Notice – NHS Digital


NHS Digital

Joining Up Your Information

Sharing your healthcare information locally

In today’s NHS, it is important that doctors, nurses and social care professionals have access to the most up-to-date health and social care information about you so that they can give you the best possible treatment and care.

Locally, the NHS and Gloucestershire County Council are developing a system which allows them to share certain information about you. The system is called Joining Up Your Information (JUYI) and will allow us to give patients better, more efficient and safer care.

Why are we doing this?

We need to do this because, at present, electronic health and social care records which hold information about you are mostly only available to professionals working in the organisation in which they were created. This means that when you receive treatment from another service or health professional, important and useful information about your care is not always available straight away.

What does this mean for you?

The new online information sharing system will give local health and social care professionals secure and carefully controlled access to important parts of your health and social care records whenever and wherever they are needed. This could include, for example, information about your medication, operations you have had or tests that GPs or hospital clinicians have requested or carried out.

What you need to do

You will receive a letter about the JUYI system containing a unique reference number and your NHS number.

  • If you are happy for your information to be shared, you do not need to do anything.
  • If you do not want your information to be shared, please tell us using one of the methods outlined below. Please do this within 12 weeks of receiving the letter.
    If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are happy for your information to be shared when necessary. You will be able to opt in or opt out at any time.

Where to find out more about information sharing

Further information is included in the Shared Care Information Times newsletter.

If you have any questions:

Important facts

  • Personal health and social care information will only be available to authorised local health and social care professionals and will never be passed on to anyone else unless we have your consent or it is allowed by law.
  • If you are the parent or guardian of a child under 16 or you care for someone, please explain the information in this letter and the leaflet to them if you think they will understand it. You can request to have them opted out, as outlined below.
  • Clinicians, social care professionals and patient representatives will carefully control and monitor what information is shared and who should see it. An information-
    sharing control group (including clinicians and patient group representatives) will be set up to control and monitor what information is shared and who should see it. The group will review any changes to the way the information is used.
  • As treatment within the NHS develops, use of this information will allow clinicians to improve the quality of your health and care services, ensuring they are safe, effective and well managed.
  • You can keep up to date with developments at

If you do not want us to share your information, please use one of the following methods to opt out. Please do this within 12 weeks of receiving your letter.

  • Text your NHS number and the unique reference number to 07800 009 691
  • Email your NHS number and the unique reference number with the subject ‘Do not share’ to
  • Telephone 0800 015 1548 (you may need to leave a message) and give your NHS number and unique reference number. Please state that you do not wish to take part in the Joining Up Your Information project
  • Confirm you wish to opt-out using the pre-paid envelope attached to your letter – it already includes your NHS number and unique reference number – seal it and put it in the post
  • If you are a parent. guardian or carer with power of attorney and wish to request an opt-out on behalf of anyone you care for, please contact 0300 421 1783. Details will be recorded and the request reviewed by the individual’s GP.