Friends of Mann Cottage

Who are we & what are our Aims and Objectives?

The ‘Friends’ were founded approximately 18 years ago as a registered Charity, and seek to raise funds which go directly towards providing additional facilities and equipment to benefit patients of Mann Cottage.

In what way does this benefit patients?

Over the years the ‘Friends’ have raised and spent many thousands of pounds which have used to support the level of care and service which the Doctors and staff are able to provide.

Recent examples have been the purchase of equipment that enables and provides immediate blood tests results, Heart Rate Monitors, Pulse Oximeters, Mini Pulse Rechargeables, (mostly for children), and diagnostic equipment for ear and eye examination.

Did you know?

Because the NHS is under constant pressure, it can only provide a very basic level of equipment. Items such as these therefore deliver real and immediate benefits to the patients, over and above what the NHS can and is able to provide.

Why have I not heard of them before?

Over recent years, lack of committee support has meant the ‘Friends’ have not been able to be as active as they would have liked. However, (as Dr Davies wrote recently), following a revamp we now have a new and invigorated committee, enthusiastic about raising the ‘Friends’ profile and raising funds to provide equipment and facilities that will directly benefit all patients, young and old.

How can I support them?

We will shortly be running some events to raise funds for further equipment, specifically for further blood testing equipment, which is expected to cost approximately £2,500.

Why not come along to our Prize Bingo Night on Bank Holiday Monday, (28th May), at Blockley Sports Hall? This and a Quiz Night in Moreton will shortly be advertised on the Waiting Room noticeboard as well as locally.


Ian Gowanloch, Chairman,
Friends of Mann Cottage Surgery