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We are a friendly rural practice and strive to deliver a highly professional level of patient-centred personal care.


Confidentiality in our surgery is maintained at all times and patient information is only accessed by health professionals. Other bodies eg: insurance companies/solicitors must provide a patient disclaimer (signed by the patient) for release of medical records.

Read more about how the Practice processes your personal information...

Your Rights and Responsibilities

  • We respect the rights of our patients in terms of race, gender and disability and therefore expect the same recognition of rights from our patients.
  • If you have a complaint please Practice Manager, see below for more information.
  • To safeguard our practice staff we have a strict policy in operation regarding patients who are found to be violent or abusive in their behaviour.  Such behaviour may result in the patient’s removal from the practice list.

Named Accountable GP

All patients will have a named accountable GP who will be responsible for your overall care, please ask if you wish to know who this is. If you have a preference for a particular doctor or do not wish to have a named GP please let us know and we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request.

All patients are free to see whichever doctor they wish to (subject to availability), this does not mean you have to see the same GP all the time or wait if they are not available and you wish to be seen sooner.

Statement of Intent For IT Developments

Below you will find a statement of intent in relation to the following IT developments:

  • Referral Management
  • Electronic Appointment Booking
  • On line Booking of repeat prescriptions
  • Summary Care Record
  • GP2GP transfers
  • Patient Access to records.

You can read the full statement of intent here...

National Diabetes Audit: Helping to improve diabetes care

Dated: 15-Jun-17

This GP practice is taking part in an important national project about diabetes care and treatment in the NHS. The project is called the National Diabetes Audit (NDA).

To take part, your GP practice will share information about your diabetes care and treatment with the NDA. The type of information, and how it is shared, is controlled by law and enforced by strict rules of confidentiality and security.

For further information about how your information is used please see the NDA patient information leaflet.

Taking part in the NDA shows that this GP practice is committed to improving care for people with diabetes.

If you do not want your information to be used, please inform the receptionist, your GP or nurse. This will not affect your care. More information is available – please ask a member of staff for a patient information leaflet.

Gloucester Fire & Rescue Service Free Safety Checks

Dated: 20-Dec-16


Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service can now go into a patient’s home and undertake a safe and well check as part of a new project that is being piloted. 

During the home visit they will work with residents to ensure that households are as safe as possible from the dangers of fire and also install smoke alarms. Staff can also focus on a number of other topics. Actions will include risk assessment, observation, advice or immediate intervention, e.g. removing trip hazards, and referring to specialist help where required.

Fire Service staff have received training and have been working with local services to help their understanding of the services available. To refer anyone over 65 who you think may benefit from  a home safety check, please ring: 0800 1804140 or use the online request form.

Further information can be found on the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service website.

NHS Summary Care Record

Read the Patient Leaflet on the NHS Summary Care Record, or find out more information on NHS Choices.

Care Data Information

Confidential information from your medical records can be used by the NHS to improve the services offered so we can provide the best possible care for everyone.

This information along with your postcode and NHS number but not your name, are sent to a secure system where it can be linked with other health information.

This allows those planning NHS services or carrying out medical research to use information from different parts of the NHS in a way which does not identify you.

You have a choice. If you are happy for your information to be used in this way you do not have to do anything.

If you have any concerns or wish to prevent this from happening, please speak to practice staff or download the following information leaflet How information about you helps us to provide better care.

More information can be found below:

Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Care Data Poster

Chaperone Policy

Dr H R Furn Davies & Partners is committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment where patients and staff can be confident that best practice is being followed at all times and the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.

This Chaperone Policy adheres to local and national guidance and policy –i.e.:- ‘NCGST Guidance on the role and effective use of chaperones in Primary and Community Care settings’.

The Chaperone Policy is clearly advertised through our website and can be read at the Practice upon request or downloaded below:

NHS 111

Tel: 111



Jill Roper, Practice Manager, and is our Complaints Manager. If you have a concern or complaint please contact Jill.

Patients, and those acting on their behalf, will have their comments and complaints listened to and acted upon.

Patients will be treated respectfully and will be involved with each step of the complaints process to achieve a satisfactory resolution. The Complaints Procedure document is available to see in the surgery waiting room, or you can ask for a copy at Reception if you wish. Alternatively please download our Complaints Procedure Information Leaflet.

NHS Constitution

The NHS is founded on a common set of principles and values that bind together the communities and people it serves – patients and public – and the staff who work for it.

This Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England.

It sets out rights to which patients, public and staff are entitled, and pledges which the NHS is committed to achieve, together with responsibilities which the public, patients and staff owe to one another to ensure that the NHS operates fairly and effectively.

All NHS bodies and private and third sector providers supplying NHS services are required by law to take account of this Constitution in their decisions and actions.

The Constitution will be renewed every 10 years, with the involvement of the public, patients and staff.

Download the NHS Consitution Leaflet

Disabled Parking

Mann Cottage Surgery has a marked disabled parking spaces directly outside the medical centre.

Surgery Equipment

For the visually impaired, we have the ‘Looky Plus’ magnifier to assist with reading documents and notices in the surgery

For patients with a hearing impairment we have a Portable hearing loop available for use in any of the consulting or treatment rooms – please enquire at Reception for assistance.


Please give sufficient notice and the practice can arrange for the service of an interpreter through Gloucestershire CCG.

NHS Gloucestershire CCG

NHS Gloucestershire CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)
Sanger House
5220 Valiant Court
Gloucester Business Park

Tel: 0300 4211 500

GP Registrar Training

This Practice is delighted to be involved in the further training of doctors who already have considerable hospital experience but are new to working in General Practice. These doctors are called Registrars. When a Registrar is available to the surgery, part of their continued education may involve joint surgeries, i.e. when more than one doctor may be present, and the possible video recording of some surgeries. Your consent will of course be obtained before this takes place.

Requesting Access to Your Medical Records

Access to Health Records under the Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives every living person, or an unauthorised representative, the right to apply for access to their health records.

The Surgery now offers patients the facility to view elements of their medical record online, along with other online services, free of charge. See here for more information about online services.

A request for your medical health records held at Dr HR Furn Davies & Partners should be made in writing to the data controller who is Jill Roper, Practice Manager (please contact the Practice for alternative methods of obtaining access if you are unable to make a request in writing).

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (Fees and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2000, you may be charged a fee to view your health records or to be provided with a copy of them. The maximum permitted charges are set out in the tables below:

To provide you with a copy of your health record the costs are:
  • Health records held totally on computer: up to a maximum of £10
  • Health records held in-part on computer and in-part manually: up to a maximum of £50
  • Health records held totally manually: up to a maximum of £50
To allow you to view your health record (where no copy is required) the costs are:
  • Health records held totally on computer: up to a maximum of £10
  • Health records held in-part on computer and in-part manually: a maximum of £10
  • Health records held manually: up to a maximum of £10 unless the records have been added to in the last 40 days in which case viewing should be free.
All the above maximum charges include postage and packaging costs.

The data controller is not obliged to comply with your access request unless they have sufficient information to identify you and to locate the information held about you.

Once the data controller has all the required information, and fee where relevant, your request should be fulfilled within 21 days (in exceptional circumstances where it is not possible to comply within this period you will be informed of the delay and given a timescale for when your request is likely to be met).

In some circumstances, the Act permits the data controller to withhold information held in your health record. These rare cases are:
  • Where it has been judged that supplying you with the information is likely to cause serious harm to the physical or mental health or condition of you, or any other person, or;
  • Where providing you with access would disclose information relating to or provided by a third person who had not consented to the disclosure, this exemption does not apply where that third person is a clinician involved in your care.
When making your request for access, it would be helpful if you could provide details of the time-periods and aspects of your health record you require (this is optional, but it may help save Practice time and resources and reduce the cost of your access request).

If you are using an authorised representative, you need to be aware that in doing so they may gain access to all health records concerning you, which may not all be relevant. If this is a concern, you should inform your representative of what information you wish them to specifically request when they are applying for access.

If you have any complaints about any aspect of your application to obtain access to your health records, you should first discuss this with the clinician concerned. If this proves unsuccessful, you can make a complaint through the NHS Complaints Procedure by contacting the Practice formally.

Further information about the NHS Complaints Procedure is available on the NHS Choices website.

Alternatively you can contact the Information Commissioners Office (responsible for governing Data Protection compliance):
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF
Tel: 01625 545745

GP Earnings

NHS England require that the net earnings of doctors engaged in the practice is publicised, and the required disclosure is shown below. However it should be noted that the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time the doctors spend working in the practice, and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other practice.

All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice.

The average pay for GPs working in Mann Cottage Surgery in the last financial year was £37,728 before tax and National Insurance. This is for 1 full time GPs, 2 part time GPs and 3 locum GPs who have worked in the practice for more than six months.


Do you, or the person you care for, have any information or communication needs (due to, for example, impairment or sensory loss)? If so, please speak to one of our Reception team.

Do you, or the person you care for, have a preferred method of contact from the Surgery, for example:
  • Letter
  • Telephone call
  • Email
  • Text message
Please let a member of the Reception team know.

Referrals to a Specialist

Tests & Investigations

The specialist will sort out all the necessary tests and investigations and will send you details of your appointments.

If the specialist requires blood tests he/she should give you a re-
quest form which you can take to whoever normally provides blood tests in your area. This varies. It may be your surgery, the hospital or a community clinic.

The specialist is responsible for acting upon the results of any test he/she requests and for informing you of the results.

If you haven’t heard from the specialist about a test result please ring his or her secretary at the hospital. (The number will be on the appointment letter you will be sent.) Your surgery may not know the result and will not know what the specialist intended to do with the information.


If the specialist prescribes a new medication or changes one that you are on please ask them to provide you with the first prescription. This may be on a white prescription that can be used in the hospital pharmacy or on a green one that you can take to your normal pharmacy.

The specialist will tell your surgery about the change in your medication. You will then be able to order re-supply without an appointment. You may need to telephone your surgery to confirm this or use on-line services if you have registered for them.

If you are uncertain what changes the specialist is making please ask them to explain it to you at the appointment.

It saves you having to see your GP to discuss something he or she may only know of from a short letter of explana-

Sick or Fit Note (Med3)

If you need to be certified as unfit for work as a result of the treatment provided by your specialist (or therapist) he or she should issue a sick note when you are discharged from hospital or seen in the clinic. Please ask for one if you need it.

Follow Up Appointments

If you need to be seen again the hospital will provide you with another appointment. If it does not arrive in a timely way then please ask the specialists’ secretary. (Make a note of the contact number, just in case!)

In summary, the specialists are responsible for:
  • Looking after all your tests
  • Providing prescriptions when needed
  • Issuing a sick note if required
  • Providing you with a follow up appointment if necessary.

Data Protection Act - Patient Information

We need to hold personal information about you on our Computer system and in paper records to help us to look after your health needs. 

Please help to keep your record up to date by informing us of any changes to your circumstances.

Doctors and staff in the practice have access to your medical records to enable them to do their jobs. Your doctor is responsible for their accuracy and safe-keeping.  

From time to time, it may be necessary to share information with others involved in your care. Anyone with access to your record is properly trained in confidentiality issues and is governed by both a legal and contractual duty to keep your details private.

All information about you is held securely and appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent accidental loss.

In some circumstances we may be required by law to release your details to statutory or other official bodies, for example if a court order is presented, or in the case of public health issues. In other circumstances you may be required to give written consent before information is released – such as for medical reports for insurance, solicitors etc.

To ensure your privacy, we will not disclose information over the telephone or fax unless we are sure that we are talking to you. 

Information will not be disclosed to family, friends, or spouses unless we have prior written consent, and we do not leave messages with others.

You have a right to see your records if you wish. Please ask at reception if you would like further details and our patient information leaflet. An appointment will be required. In some circumstances a fee may be payable.

Privacy Notice - GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law that determines how your personal data is processed and kept safe, and the legal rights you have in relation to your own data.
The regulation applies from 25 May 2018, and will apply even after the UK leaves the EU
 What GDPR will mean for patients
  • Data must be processed lawfully, fairly and transparently
  • It must be collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes
  • It must be limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed
  • Information must be accurate and kept up-to-date
  • It can only be retained for as long as is necessary for the reasons it was collected
There are also stronger rights for patients regarding the information that practices hold about them. These include:
  • Being informed about how their data is used
  • Patients to have access to their own data
  • Patients can ask to have incorrect information changed
  • Restrict how their data is used
  • Move their patient data from one health organisation to another
  • The right to object to their patient information being processed (in certain circumstances)
Our Privacy Notice give details on how we will achieve this. Please read this to learn more about the way we look after your data.

View our Privacy Notice